October 5, 2009

Another 3 min update

I arrived in Quito safely. I went straight to bed, woke up at 10pm, and went salsa dancing with my friend David. It was lovely.

Yesterday I ate the best Sushi in Ecuador. Toured the old city. And ate (fake) cheesecake in a restaurant overlooking the entire Quiteno valley. Beautiful.

Today I will go to the market with Kim and her boyfriend Ted. Kim is the photography editor for Audubon Magazine.
Ted is a nature researcher.
Both are smiley and quite intelligent. I am blessed to know them.

On Wednesday I may or may not fly over the Amazon. David is in the airforce. His plane is in maintenance. Hopefully we will catch a ride in a cargo or passenger plane to Coca, Ecuador to avoid an eight hour bus ride. And then we will travel together for four or five days. I am SO blessed to travel with him - He spent six weeks in a survival course in the jungle, and is quite equipped to care for me in the event of anything unexpected.

Eight more days!
Miss Rose

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