October 30, 2009

Chuchaqui: Definition and Application in Ecuador

Your Spanish lesson of the day: (This word is not true Spanish. It is assumed to have Kichwa roots)

Chuchaqui. Hangover.

Chuchaqui seco. Dry hangover, aka massive headache, desire to vomit, but not having drank anything with your buddies the night before.

This lesson was composed for Sean Manning, my probably drunk former coworker.

Note: Shot glass is from Colombia.
Note: Rose drinks so often she grows crocus bulbs and places cuttings of fragrant daphne in the shot glass.
Note: Rose will gladly match shots if you're buying.

An Ecuadorian Anecdote:
I was in Banos, Ecuador
(Yes, like "bathroom." But it means "bath" because of the natural water springs.)
I played billiards with a bunch of friends in an open-air bar. My cheap mojito was so bad I sent it back twice. The first time because there was no lime or alcohol. Right. At least it had the mint. That night I only drank 1.5 drinks. Must not drink a lot when in foreign country with only men around and not knowing any of their last names. Right. (Two from the Ecuadorian air force and one from Manta, the city's police chief)

The next day I had chuchaqui.
After nibbling at breakfast at David's mom's house, I told the guys I felt ill. My head pounded. My stomach hurt profoundly. And I could barely sit up at the table where I was the special guest. After breakfast, they went to run an errand and I turned and walked half a block to my hotel. I didn't make it. Thankfully there was a nice guy on the street who gave me tissues and water while I was leaning over the street gutter and emptying my stomach...

I felt better and spent the rest of the day white water rafting on the edge of the jungle. Glorious. And I loved every wave!

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  1. Nah. I remember college days when my friends would drink triple-filtered vodka. They said it gave them real bad hangovers. I think the alcohol was really cheap... Or they put something in the drink. Who knows.