February 8, 2010

10 hours of international footprints -

In the last 10 hours my blog received browsing hits from:

Norway, Belgium, Uruguay, Netherlands, Argentina, France, Ecuador, Colombia, and the USofA. That may be an international record for me :)

Zany city names:
Hoofdstedelijk Gewest & Hainaut, Belgium; Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Korea; Araucania, Chile; Pays De La Loire & Provence-alpes-cote D'azur, France; Pichincha, Ecuador; Agadir, Morocco; Songkhla, Thailand; Cundinamarca, Colombia; Overijssel, Netherlands, Attiki, Greece; Weingarten Baden-wurttemberg, Germany; and Warszawa, Poland.
Omak, Quinter, Waukesha, and Clatskanie USA.

I'm guessing I've got Manny, Richard, Alwin, Rene, Luis, and Benjamin reading this blog. Write a comment if so~ And where are the international women???

Here's to my amazing traveler friends! Thank you for caring. Thank you for changing my life.
Love you!


  1. Attiki is the prefecture Athens is located at, so you got that right :-)


  2. (i know. it's in your postal address and on international maps :)

  3. Hey, what about me??? :) I'm international and a woman. :) (well, international in that I don't live in the States) :)

  4. :) THANK YOU.
    I was basing the hunches on IP addresses. I see a lot from Ecuador, but nothing stating "Teenie town of MACAS!" :) Send me your IP, and I'll stalk you.

    Thanks for all you do for the kids in Macas (Ecuador).
    I ran into Lauren at Great Harvest and we reminisced...
    Blessings and love, and stay safe!
    - Miss Rose.

  5. Hehe, of course it won't say teenie town of Macas, it's not THAT small! ;) Enjoy the change of seasons up north! :)

  6. One road in. One road out. Yep, I'd say the town is pretty dang small.
    I spent my day gardening in a lot of pants and a hat and a tank top :)