February 27, 2010

Promise fulfilled

I spent my post-college years producing a DVD. On church unity. It was unpaid, humble, and operated under Murphy's Law: Everything that could go wrong, did. I wanted to be elsewhere. In a latino country. Warm. Speaking Spanish. But I chose to fulfill what God commissioned me to do.

Yet the result was awesome: Project Digno, meaning God is worthy of us as individual churches working together. It was a short 12-minute project with a punch. Radio and newspaper interviews, television airings, a great website, and continued attention came of it - which is indicative of a region attentive to Philippians 2: If we, as the Church, are doing it right, we need to agree with each other, love each other, and be Jesus to our community (aka serve.)

I did exactly what I committed to God except one thing: Return to the 11 churches and drop off copies of the DVD for the participants.  I left for Ecuador without doing so. And I felt guilty for the entire year. When I returned from my most recent trip three weeks ago, I'd decided to kick life into high gear. It is time to complete long-shelved projects. Two days later, I finished preparing the packets to drop off at the churches.

My first church was Salem Alliance. 
You may have noticed that God has a thing with rainbows and promises. This recurs frequently in my life; as I complete a promise to God, or He to me, a rainbow appears.

While I walked toward the church, a rainbow appeared. I began to cry. This was the resolution of a promise fulfilled. I went to the other 10 churches, confident, content, blessed.

And four hours later as I returned to my home from the last church, a brilliant rainbow sprung up in front of my car.  I know God was watching, and I know He was pleased.

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