April 2, 2010

(ENG) Milk in a box: The international non-marvel

en Espanol

I still remember seeing milk in a box for the first time.  It was 1999.  I was in Puebla, Mexico on a missions trip with my church.  My host family served Michelle Wunch and I milk out of a box.  I was repulsed:  How could this be?  They stored the milk room temperature!  I didn't drink milk in Mexico for years afterward.  (I've traveled there five times.)

Fast forward to 2008.  I arrive in Ecuador and indeed eventually want milk.  I learned it wasn't bad.  It was pasteurized and put in a box where light could not enter.  This effectually sterilized it until the box was opened.  And, yes, it had a shelf life of about 8 months.  My mind finally got over it.  I actually drank more milk in Ecuador than I did here in Oregon.

There are many brands of boxed milk.  They usually cost $1 for a liter (see photo on right.)  This price is cheaper than a gallon of cold milk on sale.
The milk tastes similar; like our cold milk, it varies a bit brand to brand.  The slightly different taste is not noticeable on cereal or in smoothies.

There is one option for cold milk:  Milk in a bag.  I was quite confused when I saw this for the first time.  But it's cheap and cold.  Either way, the packaging is quite cumbersome and usually it's best to go home and pour it in a pitcher.

Anyhow, there's a bit of international trivia.  Wherever you travel abroad, get over your new food heebie-jeebies and try the box.


  1. Scandinavian countries sell milk in a box too. Kim

  2. :) CHEERS! Any others???

  3. they had milk in a box at room temp in germany too. juice too. just refrigerate after opening and voila!