April 3, 2010

Pajama pants and my new minimalist lifestyle

In pajama pants.

I can't really express to you how this makes me feel.  It's cold outside.  I'm at home today, a little bit sick, itchy eyes, and a plugged up right ear.  And so I put on my pajama pants.

This is a novel moment; I've not worn pajamas in one year and three months.
All of my belongings have been in my dad's attic since December 9, 2008.  This means I've essentially been living out of a backpack for 15 months.  The simplicity is charming.  Outfits are easy to choose.  I have enough.  My bathroom items fit in one tiny drawer.  To be more specific, they fit in one large Zip-Lock bag.  When I go camping or to a friend's house, I seal the bag, grab a coat and clean underwear, and walk out the door.

Yesterday I pulled my six clothing boxes down and began sorting through them.  Why?  Not because I wanted outfit variety.  But because I am ashamed of how much clothing I have.  It's an obscene amount, but probably normal by the average person's standards.  Before I left for Ecuador, I had three drawers of pants.  THREE drawers.  In the last year I've worn nothing (pants-wise) but a pair of stained, loose jeans, a pair of shorts, a pair of linen pants, and a pair of dress pants.  No capris, no khakis, peddle pushers, nada.  And you know what?  It was enough.  My boss never complained with my small wardrobe, I dealt with the awkward feeling of wearing stained jeans, and life went on.

I decided to count my clothing items.
Socks and underwear excluded - 205 items
And I decided to get rid of 1/3 of my clothes -  But succeeded in ridding my self of over half.  I shed 115 items and counting.

This photo:  I'm always cold.  These are the sweaters and long sleeved shirts I own.  And that's a little bit for a Popsicle Oregonian girl.

I now own less than 100 items of clothing.  This sure seems like a lot, but I challenge you to count yours.  :) Especially you, ladies.

My friend Courtney came over to help me distinguish between what is, to me, my favorite sweater and, to her, a potato sack.  I got rid of too-short shirts, too-big pants, and unflattering sweaters.  Later, perhaps in a few months, I'll sort them again. 
The clothing I'm shedding will go to a girlfriend who could use a wardrobe update.  I'm really excited to give them to her.  We'll have an afternoon of helping her try them on.  And this makes me feel good.

I'm grateful to need little, and although I have the opportunity for abundance, I only really want my comfy pajamas.

This photo:  Business short-sleeved shirts, my undershirts to keep warm (I usually am wearing at least three layers under my shirt), and shirts for going out.

 Cheers, and please consider your needs in your amount of belongings.

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