November 29, 2010

Reason # 25: Fantastic Christmas Gift IDEA!

This is the first email of two offering you a fantastic gift idea for Christmas.

Give your family a gift which will touch countless.
I encourage you to talk to your family about not giving gifts to one another, but instead supporting life-changing, soul-saving, hope-giving friends in China.

Matt, Hallie, and their delightful daughters live full time in China.  They love, laugh, serve, cry, and sometimes suffer as everyone does while living abroad.  I've known Matt for over a decade, and cannot highly enough vouch for his character.  

They are really busy doing "really good things."  I'm not allowed to share about most of what they do in a blog or email, but if you contact me, I would love to share more about their "endeavors."  Their stories are more than entertaining and breathtaking - the way they give of their lives are sobering, profound, and entirely humbling.

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Why donate to this family?  How will the money be spent?

As unconventional as it may sound, these workers need a car.

1.  The work that they do requires safe transportation for people and materials.  (Ask me for details.)
2. They have some
employees that need to safely make trips to villages and other areas for trainings and meetings.
3. The amount of time that will be saved from not taking public transportation will will enable them to add about 10 full weeks of work next year.
4. Family needs - convenience, safety, weather, privacy, etc...  Right now the four of them ride around on a large motorcycle. 

5. They have recently been given permission to open a home outside of their city for orphaned/abandoned Children. A vehicle is a pivotal factor to move forward with that possibility.

They also have some local disabled community members  making ornaments.  They are gorgeous. And, unfortunately, already sold out!
Imagine navigating dark, rainy, dangerous roads in this!  (See below)

 Here's a short video on their current transportation situation.  I watched it and both smiled in amusement, and sighed realizing what a deep sacrifice they make daily as an act of love for the Chinese. 

Check out Hallie's amazing blog

She mentions her struggle as a mom allowing her kids to ride on an unprotected motorcycle on the dangerous streets, the difficulties of being away from familiar Pacific NW, and general life moments in a foreign country.

Donate now.
I love you, and thank you for taking the time to consider the amazing servanthood of Matt and Hallie.  They certainly covet your prayers!

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- Miss Rose

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