July 17, 2009

7.17.2009 That 3-min update...

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I am quite well. I was with my travel partner for six weeks continuously, and it is nice to be in my own space for the first time in so long. I am reading, singing, volunteering at a church by editing their anniversary video, and giving my best to get out ads for my massage business. (This last bit has proved quite challenging. The guy who made the ad graphic gave me a super low resolution and then deleted his Corel file and, many empty promises later, still has not pulled through in reproduction... And Xerox' printer really really sucks, and the neighborhood guy needs to recalibrate his lazer printer, and my guyfriend who owns a print shop is not answering his phone... not that I have the correct graphics anyhow... And then I visited SIX other print shops who either did not have a lazer printer or whose printer was somehow broken.) That rant was a free gift from me to you.

Can the massage business be successful in the US?
I'll attempt to raise fundage when I return to the US in any way possible. Regarding massage - I legally can only request donations as I do not have a license. But I do not anticipate this being an issue... Because my "requested donation" will be considerably below market value, and the client will receive a chocolate truffle at the end of his or her delightful massage. And so I will single-handedly beat out all competition. Heh. (brute marketing strategy.) It's all about a wholesome, delicious experience, baby!

Let me know if you need anyone to run errands or clean out your dead fall garden come late October... I'm for rent! I will certainly need funds ASAP. Right now I need to pay $200 per month in student loans. I earn less than $250. Which gives me less than $50 to live on. Do the math. :) All said and done: My savings account will have drained $2,000 because of loans, and even more cash because I am unable to support myself.

But my company is free. I miss you. If you want to meet up, wonderful! But be aware that I will be drinking a lot of water in restaraunts, and ordering a lot of... nothing. I decided to massively change my spending habits. As Dave Ramsey says, "You have to live like no one else - to live like no one else." My good habits and wise choices now will pay off later...

Two weeks ago I was in Colombia and saw some chocolate wafers in the store. I chose not to buy them - Later I kicked myself. I really really did want something sweet, something beyond rice, rice, rice, and roasted chicken. And the wafers cost... $0.50! After that day I decided I need to indulge in a few of the little delights of life. And so I bought a double scoop ice cream cone for $0.50. And it tasted delightfully.

I slept with a thin travel blanket two nights ago. It felt real weird. My bedroom usually runs about 85-90 degrees F and I am too broke/cheap to buy a fan. Life is interesting this way.

I am glad to be back in Manta. I have run into many familiar faces and a few good friends in the last five days. It is a great pleasure. And my roommate and her sis are awesome. They bless me all the time with smiles, authentic cooking, and silly company.

Bueno -
Love you!
-miss rose

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