July 20, 2009

07.21.2009 3-minute update: 900 canciones & coco juice

900 salsa and cumbia songs. That's how many tracks I purchased for $12. That's
$0.01333 per song. Just letting you know. And, if you feel the hankerin', I will gladly share when I return!

And then I spent $0.40 on a 10 oz glass of fresh, cold coconut juice. YUMMMM.

I ought to look for other music while I am here. Acoustic guitar, piano, cello, etc. And any other music serviceable to me. What can I say? I'm a music hoard.

I was in the Centro with my roommate to work on my visa. The notary said I need to come back in an hour to finish one document which I need for my new visa. So I will come back in two hours. If my roommate remembers to accompany me. Sigh.

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