July 21, 2009

Published in a nationally read magazine... Excellent!

PLEASE comment to this post!

I wrote a story about a vital turning point in my life.

I told no one I submitted it to a nationally read magazine - The Scene, distributed by Willamette University.

And it was published!!!

I encourage you to take three minutes and read the article... And then take the day to consider the truths that lie behind it. My short article is the third entry.

Love you -


  1. It is a privilege to have been present and actively participating in that moment. I wish you many more moments, shared with people who can treat your beauty with respect and are able to respond to your yearning for life!

    Be alive :-)

  2. nice. think i know who you speak of. love you tons! glad you are safe and happy!

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  4. Congratulations on being published. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. It is fun to see how you are doing and how God is working in your life :)

  5. To the Greek - Thank you. Your words honor me.

    Tab - The Greek name gave it away :)

    Sarah - What is your last name? Where do I know you? Reveal thyself! (Or just email me a note at

    Thank you for your words.