July 5, 2009

Unsung HERO - and thank you to all the fathers in my life

Unsung Hero

For months I've been considering how to compose this post. I never composed an elegant, adequate letter, so I decided to write my raw feelings.

My dad, Art.

I have been on the road for almost eight months.
And for at least ten months he has been actively helping me.

He has trouble shooted how to pay bills from back home, helped with my taxes last spring, emails me lists of all the pertinent mail I receive...

And, before I left, he quietly helped me pack my room, helped me heep my head on straight when I was confused or overwhelmed with the immensity of my decision to quit my life in Salem and head to South America, and make me a PBJ when I needed a snack.

But these acts are not what make him my hero.

It his his heart. It is his intent. It is his selflessness.
He is my constant advocate. (As is my mom!!!)
He always serves, and always loves. To have this unlimited support during a time of immense uncertainty is invaluable.

I am so thankful that he purposes himself to be my friend.

I love you, Pappy!!!

Thank you also to Poppa Pike and to Doug Comstock, my second fathers and first role models. I love you.

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