September 19, 2011

Early thoughts from Ecuador, 2011

Sept. 19
Just want you to know I'm thinking about you...
Love from Ecuador -

Sept. 16
I wake up slowly, drowsy, disoriented. I briefly wonder where I am. Then with any facial movement I painfully note the thick tube of boogers cemented to the lining of the entirety of both nostrils and remember, "Aaaaah, I am in Quito."
(The air is exceptionally dry here and promotes nasty nostrils. Fortunately I just remembered in 2009 I learned to line my nostrils with Vaseline or Neosporin before sleeping to prevent said malady. Tomorrow will be a better morning.)

I could tell you all about the wonderful fruit and good company and happy memories and coming plans... But this is just more pressing at the moment.  Travel isn't as glamorous as it seems.
I quietly watch the brilliantly green picaflor hummingbird and the large brown and cream doves play in the back yard as I dry the dishes from Blanquita's delicious freshly prepared lunch. I am blessed.
Locro de papas, ensalada de verduras con vinagre basalmico, corvina con ajo, arroz especial, y jugo de zanahorias y tangerina. Riquisisisisimio!
Blanquita is my friend's second mom, and the house help, and an excellent cook, and a wise woman full of grace.


Sept. 15
SOBREVIVÌ! Safe and overtired and happily on my way to bed in Quito, Ecuador after 34 hours of travel. Besitos -

Sept. 13
Checked in online for international flight. 
37 hours of travel. I'd be grateful for your prayers! Sanity, emotional calm, and centeredness. So far, I've packed my pillow, socks, underwear, and passport. I'm packing light. :) (late night packing tonight.)
I leave Salem at 12:00 noon Tuesday, and arrive in Quito 12:50 am THURSDAY.

My trip is fairly organized - 3 weeks in Quito and surrounding area with a friend, and one week backpacking the costal area where I lived during 2009. Please pray for my safety during this time.

Miami Beach. Feels like 96f, Thunderstorms. Guess where I have a 7 hour layover tomorrow? :)

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