September 26, 2011

Week 2 thoughts from Ecuador, 2011

It's interesting to observe how our personal values change -

This year for Christmas and my birthday, all I want is a SmartWool base layer, a fleece, and funds to sustain me on my humanitarian aid trip to Mexico City.  

And all my needs are met, and I am perfectly content.

Sept. 26
‎12 days in Ecuador and I've yet to wear my shorts. Humphhhh. I'm headed to the beach tomorrow!
Today I saw a medical specialist.  The bill?  $40.  And he says I'm perfectly fine.  Further reminder that everything looks different in Ecuador.

Sept. 23
MANTA: YA vengoooo! 27 Sept - 1 Oct. Reunimos en el heladeria El Flamingo atras de Mi Comisariato el Viernes 30 de Sept. a las 7:00 pm (lo confirmo la hora de la reunion mas tardecito). Contactame si quieres reunir aparte de ese - numero celular Movi es 083 850 864. Abrazos!
BTW: Yesterday I was nauseous and stayed in bed all day except to run to the toilet all morning and eat about 1c rice and five bites of chicken. I finally arose at 6pm, only to leave the house at 8pm to a formal house dinner. 
The first finger food to eat: gelatinous caviar and pate. I harnessed deep inner focus to not spit it out. 
At 1am I quietly stared at my friend and whispered that it was appropriate I go home and back to bed. He simply told everyone my back hurt (true). Apparently it was rude to leave before the honored Spaniards, but I was beyond caring about formalities.

Dinner was fantastic, company was interesting, and I was proud to follow all the academic, economic, and historic discussions throughout the evening. Except I became a bit lost when they spoke of a Spanish / French war. Spanish jargon is, at times, lost on me.

I am delighted to have been invited, and so glad I was actually coherent most of the evening.

Today I felt even better than normal. Alcohol poisoning? (Mojitos at the Cuban restaurant)

Midnight is bed time -

Sept. 22
The only thing worse than vomiting through one's nose while defecating is doing so while entirely alone in a foreign country.
I've been in bed the last 11 hours, and should be back on my feet tomorrow. And I had a friend helping me a few hours after the first disaster hit.
Note to Rose: Don't eat so much.

Tonight I go to an ultra fancy dinner and pretend I am perfectly well. Wish me luck. (Sigh)
This is life. I anticipate vomiting and all that comes with it when I travel. No fun, but I may as well be a realist and not be surprised when it hits.

Sept. 21
Por fin me gradué - en adición a Google Translate y Word Reference, estoy utilizando el diccionario Real Academia Española. Paso a paso...

Sept. 20
Papaygasmic. Profoundly decided, singularly the best papaya I've had in my life. There were tears in my eyes as I lustily inhaled this fruit's pink flesh. Last night was Guanabagastic. Oh America, why must you be so far from tropical fruit?
Martirio: Flor de Piel. I love discovering new life through music. The entire disc es una maravilla.

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