September 30, 2011

Fashion rescue!

Your fashion advice needed TODAY!
In effort to fundraise for my upcoming volunteer trip to Mexico, I will be selling items from Ecuador for a great price.  I need to decide on about four products to bring back.  I can only buy at a cheap price if I buy in quantity.  Will you kindly look over the photos of jewelry, Nativities, scarves, and pine pencils?  It'd help me a whole lot.

PLEASE glance over these and tell me:
- Which three things you love and would buy for yourself or as a gift
- Which three things you would never buy
- If there are any I could charge a lot more for.  Group D is the key group - I will have a decent profit margin if I can sell these items at $15

It would be easiest if you could identify what you are describing either with the exact text description, or the four digit number ex "0019".

There are four sections:
a $5
b $5 or 10  (help me on pricing?)
c $10
d $10 or 15 (help me on pricing?)

Email me


a 9983-5 Seed ER

a 0025-5 Coco simple ER

a 9983-5 Shell ER
a 9997-5 Woven // bamboo ER
a 9980-5 Wood ER

a 9999-5 Horn // coco ER
$5 or $10

b 9994-5or10 thin scarf

b 9941-5or10 Seed bracel0
$ 10

c 9984-10 Stone ER

c 0013-10 nut necklace

c 0022-10 Coco inlay Ring

c 0026-10 tiny seed ER
c 9934-10 Giant Pine color pencils

c 0037-10 wrap bracel


$10 or $15

d 0001-10or15 Horn silver inlay ER

d 0006-10or15 Coco silver inlay ER

d 0054-10or15 Nativ Angel

d 9949-10or15 Nativity sm

d 9984-10or15 Pearl ER

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  1. What nothing for men? Necklaces or bracelets. :)