September 4, 2011

First certified dive: an awkward, interesting nightmare

August 30, 2011

Yesterday's dive was a nightmare; at night, in the dark, 46' under water, multiple panic attacks, a fair amount of tears and hyperventilation, and I only pushed through by yelling at myself and by clutching my dive buddy Hiro's hand - I was terrified I'd float straight to the surface like my first drysuit dive (feet first, rocketing strait up, no chance of parole.)

BUT we saw a GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus, largest octopus species in the world) with some empty crab shells from his dinner right outside his home, dungeness crab, red rock crab, Graceful Decorator crab (which had algae and iridescent kelp growing off their skinny long spider legs), alabaster nudibranch (SO GORGEOUS), iridescent kelp, perch, rock fish, sailfin sculpin, longhorned crab, three types of shrip (LOVE), hermit crab, and various types of five-legged and sunstar starfish. Sunstar have somewhere around 20 legs.

When we finally arrived to the surface, my ears were killing me and I was quietly sobbing. Overall, the dive was not worth it. Fortunately today's dive redeemed yesterday's...

BTW: We were in Alki Beach at Seacrest Park on the other side of the Seattle bay. It was so lovely to walk along the shoreline and pick blackberries while watching the sun set on Seattle.

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