October 7, 2011

Ecuadorian handicrafts: Check 'em out!

$10 - Thin scarf
$5 - Black horn + Brown coconut earrings

$5 - Seed keychains

$15 -  Coconut with silver inlay earrings +
 Necklace pendants
$10 - Giant pine coloring pencils
$10 -  Seed wrap bracelets

$10 -  Tiny seed earrings

On October 23 I'm delighted to return to Mexico, and devote 2 months to live in Mexico City to volunteer on a humanitarian relief project for  Isla Urbana, or Urban Island.  Please read the full story beneath the photos.

My fundraising goal is $700 so I can volunteer an additional two months.  To aid my fundraising efforts, you can make a direct donation through PayPal to me.

Your donation is a way for you to touch the poor and provide clean water to thirsty families by supporting my mission.

But what about awesome Ecuadorian handicrafts?
Sure!  You may as well receive some cool stuff while you are donating (think: Christmas gifts).

Free high-quality two person hammock to the person who orders the most items!  Please look through the following photos and let me know what you're interested in, and how many you want.

Email concise requests to me by October 12.  Do not comment on this post with your request.  I'm willing to mail orders for an extra $5 (not including the pencils.)

Minimum donation prices are listed in the photo description.

If you plan on seeing me for the PARTY on OCT 22, plan on paying me then.  Otherwise feel free to PayPal any time.  (See below re: party plans)

LOVE, and thank you for supporting me in this fantastic endeavor!

- Rose



More than 8 million people in Mexico City have little or no access to running water.  

Mothers give birth in hospitals, and there is no water to wash the newborns with.  Families must pay for trucks to deliver large tanks of water to their homes, and although the government heavily subsidizes the cost, the need to cook and bathe with water in their home stretches budgets even thinner.
There is simply not enough water for everyone.  Despite piping in water from a hundred miles away (which daily consumes as much electricity as the entire city of London), many of the city's water pipes remain dry all year long.  What is there to do?

A small humanitarian organization has found a small-scale answer to this water scarcity, and I'm volunteering my time to further their noble mission.

Isla Urbana, or Urban Island, installs rainwater harvesting systems (RWH) on rooftops in the thirstiest of neighborhoods.  The principle is simple:  rain provides over 50% of a family's water needs through a simple system of gutters, a cistern, and filtration.  

Their website (in English!) explains in great detail how the rainwater harvesting revolution changes lives one house, one hospital, and one dry village at a time.  They hire and train local plumbers and purchase all supplies at local stores to support local economy.  Check out the video by BBC News on their home page for an informative overview of the process.


On October 23 I'm delighted to return to Mexico, and devote 4 months to live in Mexico City to volunteer for Isla Urbana.  The founder is a dear friend of mine whom I met in 2002.  I will have easy access to safe transportation and services.  Meals are cooked at the headquarters for a small fee.  I will be well cared for, and do my best to salsa dance frequently.

I plan to volunteer through the end of 2011.  The position is completely unpaid, and I must pay for lodging, food, transportation, etc.

I would love to stay and volunteer longer, but as you can imagine, my budget restrains me.  I have some remote work opportunities through an employer in the US, but it is not enough to sustain me while volunteering.

My fundraising goal is $700 so I can volunteer an additional two months.  Budget:  $350 per month.   $200/mo lodging, $75/mo food, $50/mo health and trip insurance, and $25/mo transportation and incidentals.  I will cover the cost of all additional adventures and entertainment :)

Here' s the plan:

Fundraise for my trip by offering amazing artisan works from Ecuador at a ridiculous price, allowing you to purchase exotic Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

Throw a HUGE party on October 22 in Salem, Oregon.  It's my birthday, going-away, and Christmas party ALL IN ONE!

Provide free Ecuadorian food and sweets, and plenty of Ecuadorian jewelry, textiles, and novelties for sale.  The jewelry is gorgeous, crafted from polished coconut, horn, silver, and seed.

Please look through the attached photos and let me know which items you are interested in, and in what quantity.   The prices are in the photo description.  Prices for nicer items are SUPER cheap and a larger donation is always welcome.  I’m willing to mail everything but the pencils if you toss in an extra $5 for S&H.  

Free high-quality two-person hammock to whomever orders the most items.


- 3 pm: Extreme lawn bowling, extreme lawn croquet, and frisbee at the NW corner of Bush Park by the Bush House/Bush Barn.  Historic weather says 64 degrees.  Feel free to bring any games or finger food, and a bit of cash to donate to the cause.  Bring the family!  Near Mission & High St.

- 6 pm: Dinner at Venti's Bento (Teriyaki etc) family-friendly pub, meeting upstairs.  Bring the family!  And bring extra cash to donate to the cause.  

 325 Court St NE.

- 8 pm: House party downtown.  My very first one.  The venue is more than cool for a late night party; likely live music, I'm looking into buying a half-keg, plenty of social mixing, and general festivities.  Bring snacks, alcohol, and cash to donate to the cause.  667 15th St NE near North H.S.

Thank you for believing in me and for supporting me and this cause that affects so many on a global scale.

I love you one million!  See you in a few weeks!

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