October 23, 2011

USA 2011: Only 6 days in October

October 23
Christmas @ Mom's this morning with my mentors: Success.
Park and Venti's with great friends: Success. Best croquet game ever.
Arrival to friend's house in Portland tonight: Success.
5 hours of sleep on a couch before flying out at PDX: (sigh) TBA
I can finally honestly say...
"I'm leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again!"

One way ticket to Mexico City. I may be back in March. Who knows when, really.
(Currently at DFW airport in Texas. My flight leaves in less than an hour. I'm excited!!!)
Thanks to Tabitha for the smooth ride to PDX, to Chad and Margo for plane food, Pablo for encouraging me to buy a camera, and Scott for inspiring me to use it. 2 hours of sleep sucks, but y'all made this trip way better!

I can feel it in my bones: It's gonna be a GOOD one!
October 22
Humble gratitude to everyone at Viernes Latino at IKE BOX tonight.
You donated enough cash to sponsor my humanitarian volunteer job in Mexico City with Isla Urbana for an additional two weeks! WAHOO!

October 21

During my week in the USA, I'm selling Ecuadorian handicrafts and requesting donations so I can spend extra months volunteering in Mexico...
SO excited! Dudes, y'all have donated enough to cover 6 weeks of volunteer time, and I have more donations coming tomorrow! Thank you so much.

Can you imagine what would happen if your hospital had no water? Newborns without baths, mothers without drinking water to nurse, no water to clean the building or wash hands?

Check out this video: Nurses from a hospital who is in this crisis speak about the impact of water shortage. Isla Urbana (who I'm volunteering with) is fundraising to install a water harvesting system on their rooftop.

October 20
Americans use about 100 gallons of water at home each day.
Millions of the world's poorest subsist on fewer than five gallons.
Source: National Geographic, April 2010 issue "Water, Our Thirsty World"
Headed to Mexico City to work with in a few days!

Trader Joe's Salem, I have paid my homage.
I will bring your raw nuts to Mexico City and beyond.
Next time have the vindaloo on hand. :)
-Salem : Mexico City

1842 : 1521 year founded
46 : 1,480 square miles
154,000 : 8,850,000 inhabitants
1,200 : 6,000 population density km(2)
154 : 12,900 (at highest) feet in altitude

Ohhhhh boy, are we in for some changes.
October 19

I support the local economy.
I must take my morning pill with food -
Today, Harry & David dark chocolate truffles.

October 18, four days after returning to the USA

V8 juice, cheddar cheese, agave and TJ Greek yogurt on oatmeal pancakes, dense soup, real maple syrup...
Homemade (All American!) apple pie, homemade pumpkin pie.
Mom's chocolate chip peanutbutter cookies, caprese salad
Smoothie of blended local fruits, apple cider doughnuts.
Veggie omelet smothered in cheddar cheese, plain cheetoes, See's chocolates...
All awesome products I ate that I won't have until Feb-March 2012.
It smells like OREGON and feels like fall and oooooh I am doing my best to soak it all in...

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