October 10, 2011

Week 4 thoughts from Ecuador, 2011

October 10
You keep telling me "But Rose, it's so tropical in Ecuador!" If by tropical you mean immensely dry, daily high of 70 but average of 60, goosebumps if I walk down to the main floor, and thunder storms most afternoons, sure, it's warm and tropical.

Read: I'm really sorry to be missing the lovely Oregon summer and fall.
On the coast it was warmer but almost always overcast. Unfortunately I came during their cloudy season
I think I've found a cure for my tired muscles:
Ecuador Hotels Papallacta Hot Springs Ecuadorian Spa, Hotel in Ecuador
October 9
Thrilled to be serving with Isla Urbana in November - Its founder Enrique was recently featured in a video created by the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC. CHEERS!
Isla Urbana recently helped ambitious high school students install a rainwater harvesting system on their school - now the students have potable water, and the school saves on its water bill.
En Espanol - fantastic video of Isla Urbana installing rainwater harvesting systems on roofs of homes in rural Mexico. Let there be water!
Ve este peliqula de Isla Urbana instalando systemas de cosechear la lluvia de los techos rurales en Mexico. Ya hay AGUA!
My chill, green neighborhood-to-be in Mexico City (and eadquarters of Isla Urbana)
And there's a foot spa three doors down! From the looks of it, I bet a foot massage is $5. Hmmmm.
October 8
[While in Ecuador, my lovely grandmother Teresa passed away]

I miss my Grammy's smiley eyes, her silly heart, and solid hugs.
Family, my heart is with you. This morning I'm quietly sitting in Quito, and am with you in prayer and thought.

Miss Rose

CRAVING real American cookies. It hit me about three days ago.
Ecuador seems to have great croissants and decent wafers, but no real cookies!!! MOM, I return home Oct 16!
October 6
The eerie creamy orange cloudforest enveloped us as we wound through the lush tropics of the Andes mountains. I hung my arm out the window, and instantly my hand chilled from the wind as condensation beaded and slowly dripped off my arm.
While in the Andes I purchased a cacao fruit... hope to post its photo soon!\

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