September 12, 2009

This little piggy went weeeeee weeeeeee weeee all the way home...

Remember how I said that I watched a pig be butchered???
This is the non-graphic version of that story.

Here is our Oinkey. (Name changed for protection of el chancho.)

Rose (author) decided to stop eating pork months ago when she saw the garbage dumps on the coast... The pigs actually eat garbage. From the dump. Literally.

The staff each chose about 10 pounds of meat for their families.
Oinkey was organically fed on the food scraps of the tourists.
This is literally the most expensive pig ever...
One bowl of potato and cheese soup, locro, served at the Hacienda costs $15.
And the pig ate the left-overs.

They grilled all the entrails while butchering the pig. Everyone was eating out of the pot.
Eeeeeeesh. I eat about everything when I travel. Except head, testicles, entrails, and feet. I've got to draw the line somewhere.

And so I had some of our piggy for dinner one evening. It was fabulous. Seriously.

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