September 24, 2009

Updates. Current, and a LOT of them.

Last night I dreamed about my cousins Megan and Amy. My uncle John. And my grandma. To be more specific, we were all fixing her leaky faucet. I have no idea what any of this means.

My laptop is ALL the way dead. My monitor does not turn on. It is now in a friend's closet in Quito. SAD. I miss my BFF. And I left my memory stick in an internet cafe in Quito. I have little mode to post my photos in my blog. Sad. Sorry!

Today I ran across a freeway. Today I read about all the secuestros (kidnappings) in the city. Today I left my garbage sack of toilet paper waste on the side of a freeway under a palm tree. I left my house 15 minutes ago. Today I woke up in Guayaquil.

I miss my dad. Last night I went to a cafe that overlooks the entire river delta of Guayaquil. Last night in that cafe I danced salsa. The cafe is named Artur.

While I was in Quito I "happened" to remember to check in on my finances. There was a pending debit of $1.13. I called the company. They said thieves commonly use their website to verify that a DBC works and the account has funds. DREAD in my blood.
The scary part? My DBC is locked in a closet at all times. The last time I used it was for an ATM withdrawl one month ago. I have no idea how it was compromised.
I worked in bank finances for four years. I knew exactly the potential of disaster this could cause. And I knew that I am in a foreign country, and the potential of having no way to work with my bank because my finances were severely messed up was... very possible.
So I contaccted my bank, Chase (Formerly WAMU), shut down the accounts connected to the account in question, changed my debit cards, and had them leave notes on my account.
***** THANKS to Julie on the Center Street branch who worked with me for 40 minutes. When I come back to Salem, I am making her cookies :)******

Today I woke up with a cold. I stayed in bed until 11:30. I needed to do so. I hope I don't have Gripe (the swine flu)... But I know that my chances of contracting it are much much higher in Salem, Oregon than in Ecuador! Boooo for sore throats...


  1. Hi Rose,
    It's Frannie here from London. We met at that paradise on earth La Mandala. Ni Ni and I have colds too so we can empathise with you. Loads of people are sharing it with us so we don't feel so bad. We hope yours is not a long one. We don't think ours will be. We are back into London life and it's go go go, busy busy busy, but we remember calmer moments on our trip with happiness and all the lovely friends we met - that's you! We are thinking of you and praying for you too. Love Frannie

  2. Can't wait till you're back in town! If you're looking for a job when you get back, you should call me. I might have something for you in Salem if you're interested...

  3. :) Who is Katmom65???
    Thank you for your job offer!