August 4, 2009

Grateful. Good news.

I know I've never told the back story, but hang with me...

I currently have a work visa through a private high school where I was a Profesora de Ingles.

I no longer work there, and they were to cancel my visa. On the day that this was to happen, I called their lawyer and asked that they consider allowing me to stay for the remaining 10 weeks of my trip under their visa - instead of causing me to spend $230 to transfer my visa into a 12-9 tourist visa.

And I just learned that they've ok-ed my request. PRAISE GOD!
Finances are tight.
God cares.

And I have a nice tan.
More soon -

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  1. Dear friend came across your blog via your profile in Couchsurfying. Wonderful blog. In free time I also blog a lot.....All the best! God bless....