August 17, 2009

Next adventure: ?Mystery.

I am off to ummmm... I don't know.
(partially copied from a prior blog)-

I am thankfully flying to Quito tomorrow to travel for a few days with my good friend Pablo. I have no idea where we will travel to... But given that he has written a few photography books on Ecuador, I am certain that we will have a beautiful view and a trip full of smiles.

My value in this trip rests in friendship -
He is one of the good friends I mentioned in my blog a few days ago, the type one can trust, follow, and lead. I am grateful to God to be able to relax (and adventure) with a friend.

It is a blessing to see him again. I have few good friends in Ecuador. It is encouraging to know I will again talk politics, spirituality, travel, love, etc with a friend who cares about me.

Note: Read my December blogs to learn more about my time with Pablo - He is a National Geograhic phototographer. I was able to spend time at his family's finca and enjoy an elegant photo shoot there, and also spent Christmas with the entire family. What a delight!


  1. You should come to Macas!!! :) Hope you're having fun in La Costa.

  2. Amy from Germany??? Amy Q? I'm in Quito right now :)

  3. I am heading to Cuenca soon, and need to hit Guayaquil... Convince me why I ought to take the detour to Macas :)