August 14, 2009

Why I resigned...

I resigned for a few reasons.

I will return to the US in less than two months. At Wall Street I was working five days a week, every evening, earning between $8 - $12 per day. And then the secretary would mess my schedule up, or I would be sent home, and have even less hours and income.

I love my job, but the tiny income and erratic schedule was frankly not worth my time.

I would like to visit Cuenca, Salinas, BaƱos, Mindo, Parque de Machililla, and inside the park Agua Blanca and Los Frailes before leaving Ecuador.

I am thankfully flying to Quito on Tuesday to travel for a few days with my good friend Pablo. I have no idea where we will travel to... But given that he has written a few photography books on Ecuador, I am certain that we will have a beautiful view and a trip full of smiles. It is a blessing to see him again. I have few good friends in Ecuador. It is encouraging to know I will again talk politics, spirituality, travel, love, etc with a friend who cares about me.
Note: Read my December blogs to learn more about my time with Pablo - He is a National Geograhic phototographer. I was able to spend time at his family's finca and enjoy an elegant photo shoot there, and also spent Christmas with the entire family. What a blessing!

On finances: I was earning less than $200 per month at Wall Street. My average daily costs living in Manta are almost equal to what I spend when traveling. Recall that I usually stay with CouchSurfers when I travel, therefore having no lodging expense. I figure... Why have my day scheduled around a few hours of work when I can be experiencing the beauty of Ecuador? It is improbable that I will return. Why not make the most of what I have? I may spend $200 more for two months of traveling... So what??? Good grief! Get on the bus!

I felt so good walking out of my former job this afternoon. I carried myself with dignity. I served the students well. I did not simply teach, I cared. I am so thankful to have this opportunity.
And now I am thrilled to begin a new chapter - To go to the beach at 2pm, and stay there until sunset!!! The worst part about working at Wall Street is missing the sunsets. Wahooooo for new freedom!

God has blessed me richly.

Please pray for my safe travels, for excellent adventures and discoveries, and for my emotional strength. I am greatly looking forward to seeing you -

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