August 30, 2009

Three Minute Update: 2009,08,30

(Side note: Too late to send me a letter:) See you in October!)

I flew to Quito on the 18th. Pablo invited me over for a while before he flies out to Buenas Aires. When we drove up, I said "Home again." The last time I visited was December 26. I've gratefully holed up in his house since arriving. I love the energy here.

Pablo is extremely busy wrapping up book projects before he travels. Between constantly working, he and I enjoy discussing the ridiculous, ruinous government in Ecuador, receiving well-known guests who are, ahem, opinionated about the current government, and enjoying a meal or two outside the house. (El Forno has amazing pizza!)

I spend the rest of my days gardening in his (once pitiful) front yard, napping, reading a bit, and spending time with the house help. Blanquita and Cristina make amazing breakfasts and lunches on weekdays. We chat in the kitchen, constantly finding something to laugh about. They are dear friends to me. I am certain I will miss them greatly when I leave again.

My bed is antique; I love it. Pablo told me it was the former President's bed. I can only wonder how the President's wife fit on the bed with the President :) Unfortunately the gorgeous antique wood frame has a post sticking out shin-high. I have thwacked the flesh of my leg so deeply so many times (subsequently clutching my leg and hopping around on the other while trying to keep my mouth shut...) That I finally wrapped a towel around the post. And an autographed print of Guayasamin hangs just outside my door -
And Oswaldo Mora has created a magnificent stained glass window partitioning the entryway from the living room. When the small spotlight shines from the living room, there is a blurred, softly cornered pattern cast on the wall of the hallway and into the bathroom painted, ceiling included, by Miguel Arguello.

I am leaving Quito tomorrow for a few days. Perhaps I will finally visit Cuenca, one of the cities I've long wished to explore. I'm uncertain.

I only have six weeks left in Ecuador. I plan on returning to Manta for two weeks to wrap up life, and hopefully to backpack to Cuenca, Salinas, Frailles, and Guayaquil.


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