August 12, 2009

So I've got Geographic Tongue

I'm missing a bunch of my Papillae, or the tiny white hairs, on my tongue.

Super weird. About 6o% of my tongue is nekked. :)
It has been this way for about one year.

I Googled the symptoms, and this is what I learned:
It's no medical problem. It heals spontaneously, I can still taste, and my tongue wiggles just the same. I simply lose my sense of touch. Sometimes that means I bite my tongue because I cannot feel it between my teeth. And the edges between the nekked part and the normal part are red and hurt. I'd post a pic, but when people see my tongue they generally recoil. (Google image "geographic tongue picture" to be fully enlightened.)

My tongue actually does hurt. When the patches of papillae are falling out, the edges to the healthy tongue are bright red and taste like metal. FUN quirk about life. Right.

I find it most silly that I have Geographic Tongue... Perhaps if I'd stayed in the States it would have never happened!


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