August 17, 2009

PROUD of my sister-heads! And lovin' my parents -

My little sister Laura is attending OSU to be a sexy engineer. (Really, she will be the envy of all the men in the yellow plastic hardhats. Hee hee.)

And my delightful older sister, Chrissy, was given a temporary promotion. Knowing her integrity, work ethic, and giggle, I think it likely the promotion will be not-so-temporary.

I LOVE YOU, sister heads!!!

And on those pesky parents -
I can now say that my dad and mom are of my very closest friends. Not because we share activities (because we obviously do not!), but because they have dedicated themselves to loving me while I am abroad. I am speechless when I consider their dedication and softness toward me.

I LOVE YOU, mum and pappey!!!

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